How to deal with Toxic Parents in the 21st century?

For someone who has not grown up in a dysfunctional household, the term ‘toxic parents‘ might be slightly controversial. However, we are pacing towards society to make a place where acceptance of diversity takes the prime position. This blog covers detailed information about toxic parents and also explains the art of dealing with them. So whether you are dealing with […]

Top 50 Ways to Save Money In 2021

COVID has taught people how important it is to save money in 2021. 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone with the lockdown. The people literally had no income source, and that’s when they realized the real importance of savings. The people who suffered the most were the parents while fulfilling their kids’ needs with stopped incomes simultaneously. […]

5 Simple Tips To Start 2021 Positively

Everyone is wondering how to start 2021 positively. Positivity is not a thinking process one comes pre-designed with. A long time of experiences sculpts the foundations of bearing positivity in the mind of individuals. The aftermath of difficult times especially requires a positive mindset to carry on through the hurdles in life. If you choose to be doomed by the […]

Setting Up Reward System For Your Kids

7 Tips To Help You Create Positive Reward System for Kids Rewards and incentives empower and encourage, and that is why setting a reward system for your kids should be a priority. They focus on providing positive feedback for good behavior and help promote the completion of a challenging task. Rewards indicate incentives for good work. Though attention and praise […]

How to Tackle Stubborn Kids? 6 Practical Tips

Stubborn kids can put their parents in a lot of helpless situations, especially in this COVID situation. COVID has changed the lives of a lot of people around the world. Some kids have improved while some kids have become stubborn. The most common question I hear from parents is how to handle stubborn and aggressive child? Stubborn kids are challenging […]

3 Vital Tips for Parents Infected with COVID

Approximately a year into the world’s coronavirus contagion, parents face new persistent virus challenges. All, of course, is focused on children’s protection and closely monitoring the figures as cases grow across the globe. What should one do when the parent gets infected with COVID? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), more than 1,639,728 children were diagnosed with COVID-19. […]

Best Tips To Improve Immunity of Elders in COVID

Elders have to take utmost care during COVID. COVID are challenging times, and you have to take care of the elders. They have very delicate health. This article contains the top 8 tips to improve the immunity of elders. Improving the immunity of elders should be a priority. I have summed up certain tips to enhance the immunity of elders. […]

Learn How COVID Would Change The Academics?

COVID has brought a lot of changes in many sectors worldwide. As much as this pandemic has affected the other sectors, the educational sector has suffered a lot. The academics – worldwide has seen a lot of changes. Classroom education all over the world has been transformed into virtual classrooms. The virtual classrooms will prevail for a longer time till […]