11 Home Remedies for Colic to Comfort Your Baby

11 Home Remedies for Colic to Comfort Your Baby

Colic is normal, and a baby can have colic from the age of 3 weeks until they are 4-6 months old. But don’t get afraid or worried. There are plenty home remedies for colic that you can try and it can give instant relief to your baby.

A colic baby can make new parents, especially very helpless and worried. When the babies cry intensely with arching back, tightening their muscles, clenching fists, they can have colic.

Home Remedies for Colic to Comfort Your Baby

Home Remedies for Colic: Warm Bath for the Baby

Give your little angel a warm bath. Warm water eases the colic pain and comforts the baby. You can also rub the baby’s abdomen while bathing. This remedy is ancient and works well.

Home Remedies for Colic: Apply Warm Compress

A warm compress on the baby’s stomach relieves the gas. You can dip a towel into warm water, and then after squeezing it, roll gently on the baby’s tummy. It is really helpful for the baby.

Home Remedies for Colic: Give a Massage to the Baby

Massages are very beneficial for babies. You can massage the baby in a clockwise direction with olive oil or coconut oil. It also helps the babies in proper digestion and reduces gas. 

Home Remedies for Colic: Pedaling Exercise

This exercise is very effective in babies. Lay your baby on her back. Gently grab her ankles and push each leg one by one towards her stomach for a few seconds. Continue this exercise for a few minutes. If the baby resists, then you should stop immediately.  

Home Remedies for Colic: Burp the Baby

Burping the baby is essential right after the feeding. Lift your baby and let her lean on your shoulder. Pat on the baby’s back and gently rub the back. Let the baby burp as much as she wants. This will release the gas, and there will be no discomfort. 

Home Remedies for Colic: Hing (Asafoetida)

This is a very famous Indian home-remedy for colic babies. Take a pinch of hing and add a teaspoon of water to it. Now apply this mixture to the baby’s navel. The gas will release, and the baby will feel be at ease. 

Home Remedies for Colic: Fennel Seeds

The water for the fennel seeds is very healthy. Take some fennel seeds and put them into boiling water. After that, let the seeds sit in for around 10 minutes. Now strain the seeds, and the water that you get should be given to the baby.

Home Remedies for Colic: Become Rocking Chair for the Baby

Lift the baby in your arms and sling them for a while. Roam around while slinging them. This will make them calm. If you have a rocking chair at home, then you can put her into it. Babies love that, and it makes them happy if they are upset

Rub the Baby’s Tummy

Place the baby in your lap on her tummy. Now rub her back gently, and she will pass gas. This must be done only when the baby is awake. And only after a minimum of 30 minutes of feeding. The baby must not be laid on her back after feeding. So take care of that.


Peppermint has some amazing properties to comfort the baby. Add a teaspoon of peppermint oil to baby oil and massage the baby with the mixture.

Keep Your Diet Nutritious

The mother should have a nutritious diet as breast milk gets affected. She should avoid having spicy food and food that has caffeine, gluten, and citrus fruits if her baby is suffering from colic.

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