5 Ways To Productively Manage Your Child’s Home Routine During COVID

5 Ways To Productively Manage Your Child’s Home Routine During COVID

The COVID situation has put the parents into a very critical situation when it comes to their child. Your child cannot go out to play so you have to search for something inside the house to pass their time. The question is how to productively manage your child’s home routine during COVID.

Whether you are working or not, looking after your child in these times can be difficult. The child can get bored by constantly staying in the house. As parents, it becomes your primary responsibility to make necessary arrangements to keep your child active at all times.

I have some great ways to keep your child productive during this COVID situation. These will help you and your child to maintain a healthy and productive routine. Let’s have a look at them.

home routine during COVID

5 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Home-Routine Productively During COVID

If you follow these points, I think you will be able to see a significant change in your child’s routine. Your child needs to remain active instead of watching TV or lying around all day. The ways are:

  1. Make a routine
  2. Engage in new activities
  3. Spend time with kids by taking breaks
  4. Limit the screen time
  5. Talk to your child about anxiety

Make A Home Routine During COVID

To lead a productive life, planning is very important. You should consider making a proper schedule for your child. Make sure that your child follows the schedule on the daily basis.

By following the routine, eventually, the child will get used to it. At first, they will feel that that’s a lot to do but later once they are used to it, they will enjoy it.

This routine is beneficial for you as well as your child. Do not get too strict about it can have adverse effects on your child. Just be calm and polite while asking them to do it.

If you are a working parent then tell your child about how you manage your work and everything. This can give them a little motivation too.   

Also, give them a day off from this routine sometimes. In the schedule, do not include the same activities everyday otherwise it may get monotonous and boring. Children tend to become bored very quickly.

Include the activities that self motivate them to follow a proper routine.   

Engage Into New Activities

Children can get bored very easily in this situation as they cannot go out to play with their friends. They have study on their phone or laptop so there are very high chances of them getting irritated.

So what you can do is you can include some new activities in their routine everyday. If your child has certain hobbies then keep a separate time for that.

You can even teach them new activities and develop their interest in it. This is the most precious time for you to teach your child some new things.

You and your child both can enjoy and have a fun time. Say, for example, you can set up a quiz day and ask your child some questions and at the end reward them with their food if they answer correctly.   

These are small small activities that you can do easily to keep your child productive and active.  

Spend Time With Kids By Taking Breaks

This particular topic is very important. As a parent, you should always spare sometime in the day to spend with your child.

Sit with your child, listen to what they have to say, give them suggestions, engage in their talks, show interest. It is very important to do these things; do not sit with them for the sake of sitting.

Keep your phone aside when around kids. Show your children that they are the most important thing for you right now. This is for both father and mother.

If you are a working parent and doing work from home, take breaks while working, and spend time with your kids, ask them what they are doing. Talk to them about what they did while you were busy.

Adjust your breaks with their snack time to spend time together. You can also play some games with them in that duration. These small things have a great impact on a child’s life.

Limit The Screen Time for a Good Home Routine During COVID

Nowadays, kids have a lot of exposure to technology. They have developed an addiction to technology, especially in the lock-down when parents were also helpless.

Your child can lose all their productivity due to this addiction. You have to politely make your child understand the consequences of using gadgets all day.

While giving them a schedule, include just one hour of gadget time. It will be difficult for your child at first but then slowly they may learn.

Minimize their online time and focus on them and their productivity. If your child loves painting, then show them some new tips and tricks on the internet only. While they do it, sit with them, pay attention. Do not leave them alone while they learn.

You cannot waste all the talent of your child because of some gadgets. So it is necessary to limit their screen time.

As parents, you may feel that you are being harsh on your child but in the long term, it will be beneficial.

Also, never ever take their gadgets completely as it can have negative effects on the child. Just give them limited access to it.  

Talk To Your Child About Anxiety

You may not know but just like us our kids also are suffering from this crisis. It is very difficult for them also to cope with the current situation.

They miss playing with their friends and going to school. Some kids just get along with all that while some kids can suffer from stress and anxiety. As a parent, it is your foremost responsibility to listen to your kid’s concern.

Your kid is not ready to face everything they are facing right now. It may be a lot for them to understand. So you have to be there and make them understand whatever is happening around them.

Listen to them, ready between the lines; understand what they want to tell you. By doing this your kid will feel less anxious and will be comfortable around you.

Do the activities that they like to do, give them a chance to show their productivity. This way they will feel more confident and better. 

Know more about talking to your kids about COVID here.

Final Words  

A child is always productive just indifferent ways. Always keep encouraging your child to be more productive. These are tough times and you will get through it.

I am sure these 5 ways will be very helpful to you. Take care and stay safe!

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