Best Tips To Improve Immunity of Elders in COVID

Best Tips To Improve Immunity of Elders in COVID

Elders have to take utmost care during COVID. COVID are challenging times, and you have to take care of the elders. They have very delicate health. This article contains the top 8 tips to improve the immunity of elders.

Improving the immunity of elders should be a priority. I have summed up certain tips to enhance the immunity of elders.

Tips To Improve Immunity of Elders


Elders must take steam without fail. Steam prevents cold, cough, and flu. So they may not fall ill even when there is a change in the weather. They should take steam twice a day. There will also be benefits in their respiratory system.  

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Healthy Drinks can Improve Immunity Of Elders

The elders must also be provided with healthy drinks. You can make so many healthy drinks at home that suit elders.

You can also make a detox drink by adding ginger, lemon, mint leaves, turmeric, and a pinch of hing (asafetida). Boil the drink and strain it. You can also add honey if suitable, for taste.

Breathing Exercise

Elders can do a breathing exercise called pranayama. Pranayam is very effective in improving the breathing of elders. It enhances the respiratory organs and immunity.

You can also find plenty of videos of breathing exercises on the internet. It is a very ancient exercise and has a lot of benefits if done correctly.     

Nutritious Food, Home-Cooked are key to Improving Immunity of Elders

The elders have a relatively weak digestive system. So junk food proves to be very heavy for them. Junk food also reduces their immunity, so it should be avoided.

You must give them the home-cooked simple food which is best for them. The food must contain vegetables and must also be high in proteins, vitamins, and other nutrition.

Fruits are highly recommended that are rich in Vitamin C like papaya, apple, oranges, etc. Give them salads daily. You can also give them pulses more because they are rich in proteins. 

Sleep More

Sleep is the best key for boosting immunity. If you sleep more, the body gets a great time to build immunity. So they should take maximum rest.

They shouldn’t do a lot of work, as they can feel tired after some time. And being tired affects immunity. So sleep, or rest is compulsory.

Mild Exercise

Elders are always advised to do mild exercise. They must exercise until it is suitable for them. If they feel any kind of pain or tiredness, they should immediately stop.

Exercise boosts their immunity and prepares their system for any type of disease. As they cannot go out in this lockdown, they can also take a short walk around the house for some time. It will make them feel fresh.

Drink More Water

Water is an amazing supplement for hydrating the body. Drinking proper water in a whole day gives them energy.

Water is also the best thing to boost the immunity system. But cold water is not advised. They must be given normal water and must also be given warm water once a day.   

Multi-Vitamin and Vitamin C Tablets

After COVID hit us, many people have started taking medicines that give our body vitamins and proteins. These tablets provide the body with nutrients and vitamins that are necessary.

Most important are the vitamin C tablets that are very beneficial for the body. These tablets do not have any side-effects and are better for everyone. Multivitamin tablets are also recommended to boost immunity.  

Age-Related Issues Must Be Taken Care Of

The most crucial issue with elders is most of them are susceptible to COVID-19. They suffer from cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, etc.

And these problems affect their diet a lot. So food must also be prepared considering these issues. Elders must control their pressure to improve their immunity. Diabetes must also be in range; otherwise, there can be consequences.   

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