Setting Up Reward System For Your Kids

7 Tips To Help You Create Positive Reward System for Kids Rewards and incentives empower and encourage, and that is why setting a reward system for your kids should be a priority. They focus on providing positive feedback for good behavior and help promote the completion of a challenging task. Rewards indicate incentives for good work. Though attention and praise […]

How to Tackle Stubborn Kids? 6 Practical Tips

Stubborn kids can put their parents in a lot of helpless situations, especially in this COVID situation. COVID has changed the lives of a lot of people around the world. Some kids have improved while some kids have become stubborn. The most common question I hear from parents is how to handle stubborn and aggressive child? Stubborn kids are challenging […]

Learn How COVID Would Change The Academics?

COVID has brought a lot of changes in many sectors worldwide. As much as this pandemic has affected the other sectors, the educational sector has suffered a lot. The academics – worldwide has seen a lot of changes. Classroom education all over the world has been transformed into virtual classrooms. The virtual classrooms will prevail for a longer time till […]

Top 4 reasons To Reduce Screen Time For Children

People all over the world resorted to moving indoors due to technological development and more entertainment available due to the web. It is not that the advancement is bad, but it should not have been an active replacement. This is especially true when it comes to restricting screen time for children. Several studies suggest excessive screen time makes kids and […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied During COVID

It is no surprise that everyone feels stultified during these difficult times of social distancing. Even more, it is a rude awakening too little children as it can drive them to be dull or uninterested. So how could you keep your kids occupied? These are arduous days – juggling between protecting yourself and your family from the virus and finding […]

Why Shouting At Kids Is Not Good?

Kids are sometimes very naughty and do not listen to their parents at times. This makes the parents very angry, and in response they start shouting at kids. But this is not the correct way. The kids are very sensitive, and even when you shout at them once, it affects them a lot. Shouting or yelling is never the correct […]

What Happens When You Fight In Front of Kids?

As Shakespeare never really said, “All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately under-rehearsed”, but does it hold? More than ever. This blog focuses on the vital question, what happens when you fight in front of kids? We as people of the unavoidable society are sent to fulfill certain roles. The country we are born in, the […]