Top 50 Ways to Save Money In 2021

COVID has taught people how important it is to save money in 2021. 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone with the lockdown. The people literally had no income source, and that’s when they realized the real importance of savings. The people who suffered the most were the parents while fulfilling their kids’ needs with stopped incomes simultaneously. […]

5 Simple Tips To Start 2021 Positively

Everyone is wondering how to start 2021 positively. Positivity is not a thinking process one comes pre-designed with. A long time of experiences sculpts the foundations of bearing positivity in the mind of individuals. The aftermath of difficult times especially requires a positive mindset to carry on through the hurdles in life. If you choose to be doomed by the […]

Getting Back To Normal Life After Covid

Ever imagined about life after the pandemic? The world has been transformed by the coronavirus pandemic, leaving countless people looking for a pre-pandemic way of life. The pandemic has stressed the degree to which digital communication is no replacement for the real thing. But the emotional impact that Covid will have taken on so many people will not cover a […]

What to Expect for Schooling Post COVID? Top 3 Possibilities

The Covid-19 crisis is not yet over. ‘Safety first’ mindset is popular in opinion polls of parents around the globe, indicating that schools need not be opened too soon. It means that schooling post COVID will not be same (Well, at least for sometime!). A piece of well-founded scientific guidance or vaccine access will soothe parents, teachers, and school administrators’ […]

Productivity during COVID – 4 Simple Steps

This pandemic has just become the best to the worst thing that could ever exist on the planet. Maintaining productivity during COVID seems to be impossible task. When there was first lockdown, I was glad to do nothing and lay around all day playing games, watching web series and movies. I was happy to get an unexpected vacation. There were […]