How to deal with Toxic Parents in the 21st century?

For someone who has not grown up in a dysfunctional household, the term ‘toxic parents‘ might be slightly controversial. However, we are pacing towards society to make a place where acceptance of diversity takes the prime position. This blog covers detailed information about toxic parents and also explains the art of dealing with them. So whether you are dealing with […]

Top 50 Ways to Save Money In 2021

COVID has taught people how important it is to save money in 2021. 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone with the lockdown. The people literally had no income source, and that’s when they realized the real importance of savings. The people who suffered the most were the parents while fulfilling their kids’ needs with stopped incomes simultaneously. […]

3 Vital Tips for Parents Infected with COVID

Approximately a year into the world’s coronavirus contagion, parents face new persistent virus challenges. All, of course, is focused on children’s protection and closely monitoring the figures as cases grow across the globe. What should one do when the parent gets infected with COVID? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), more than 1,639,728 children were diagnosed with COVID-19. […]

Exercising – A Healthy Parent Guide

Being a parent is a workout in itself. Since the day your child was born, you have been tiptoeing on the tick of the clock. This blog focuses on important points that will guide to in becoming a healthy parent. Juggling between home, kids, and work have never been easy. And this holds for both the parents; not specifically the […]

How to Practice Vipassana Meditation the Right Way? (2021 Update)

Vipassana Meditation is coined mindfulness, the philosophy of living in the present. The term ‘Vipassana’ is from the Buddhist dictionary which simply means ‘insight meditation. And, more fundamentally, meditation is the activity that is required to practice mindfulness. Meditating in COVID can be very helpful if practiced regularly. If it sounds enticing to you to try to live for the […]

Why Shouting At Kids Is Not Good?

Kids are sometimes very naughty and do not listen to their parents at times. This makes the parents very angry, and in response they start shouting at kids. But this is not the correct way. The kids are very sensitive, and even when you shout at them once, it affects them a lot. Shouting or yelling is never the correct […]

What Happens When You Fight In Front of Kids?

As Shakespeare never really said, “All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately under-rehearsed”, but does it hold? More than ever. This blog focuses on the vital question, what happens when you fight in front of kids? We as people of the unavoidable society are sent to fulfill certain roles. The country we are born in, the […]