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Exercising – A Healthy Parent Guide

Exercising – A Healthy Parent Guide

Being a parent is a workout in itself. Since the day your child was born, you have been tiptoeing on the tick of the clock. This blog focuses on important points that will guide to in becoming a healthy parent.

Juggling between home, kids, and work have never been easy. And this holds for both the parents; not specifically the mother or father.

Many parents, be it a couple or single parent, hustle day and night to make the ends meet and give their children a better lifestyle. They take deadlines so seriously that there is no time left for themselves. As a result, several health complications develop early in age, say the mid-40s.

Normally, parents wouldn’t get sufficient time for themselves because of reaching deadlines and meeting goals. The coronavirus contagion is surely a curse, but staying at home because it might be a blessing in disguise.

We see on social media all over the world, people remembering and practicing their long-lost passion, or even developing a new hobby altogether.

Fitness is an overlooked check-post in the race of life. A simple thing most people don’t comprehend is that giving one hour to exercise every day can efficiently increase their energy, happiness, and longevity in the long run.

It is fair to believe that lockout steps have dramatically changed the physical practices associated with employment and travel for a significant percentage of the working community.

Leisure time habits may also be impacted by the closing of leisure and health centers as well as outdoor recreation centers, possibly leading to a greater drop in the already poor amount of physical activity at the societal level.

The below write-up will give you some tips to guide you towards being a fitter parent. You need to have just one more thing: determination!

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Staying Fit As A Parent

One of our most important responsibilities as a parent is arguably modeling how to eat well and keep physically fit for our kids.

 Children raised with an obese, unhealthy parent may be more likely at an early age to become the same and face increased health hazards. The underweight exerciser may reach adulthood with a skewed view of the body that leads to eating disorders and worse.

Staying engaged in fitness and healthcare is a perfect way to prevent any of the social difficulties associated with being cooped up for a long time, as well as health advantages.  Being healthy helps alleviate stress factors such as cortisol and stimulates the production of happy hormones, such as endorphins.

What Can You Do To Become Healthy Parent by Exercising?

For all of us, it is no longer feasible to get our daily dosage of exercise the way we usually would. Gyms and pools will stay closed for the near future and outdoor activity is restricted.

None of us are fortunate enough at home to get an aerobic bicycle or simulator. Luckily, you can do a lot of basic workouts around the house or with household stuff that will work perfectly.

1. Cleaning  

The health advantages of cleaning are not always considered by all of us, but you can make it a true exercise. Some reports estimate that repetitive items like washing, scrubbing, and wiping the windows will destroy a few hundred calories. But you’ll have to make a few minor changes to your cleaning routine:

  • Stepping between lunges as you vacuum
  • When preparing the bed, do some lateral lunges
  • Balancing on your toes to engage the muscle of your core
  • Do some timing-based circuit exercise with the help of the washing-machine timer

2. Mobile Applications

There are a lot of applications that can help you keep up with your workout schedule and wellness goals to become a healthy parent. Most of those applications are free to use. Though many of the paid apps avoided charging a subscription charge and offered complete access after the COVID catastrophe.

Apps such as Nike Training Club, Gymshark, and Peloton also offer online previews of runs, live lessons, and training sessions at home, as well as advice from coaches and practitioners.

Not only does exercise keep your body fit and your vital organs healthy, but it also strengthens your immune function and the bacteria in your gut.

3. Exercises for Resistance in a Healthy Parent

Enhance your muscles by strength training and enhance your mobility. You may have different machines in the gym that can help with this, so you’re going to have to be creative in your home. However, it’s not difficult. Here are a few ideas:

  • Single-leg step-ups on the staircase, air squats
  • Sit-to-stand lunges from a firm chair
  • Plank while the oven bakes some cake for the kids

4.  Gardening – A healthy parent boon

If you have a lawn, so during the lockout, your regular upkeep even counts as an exercise. Squatting helps reinforce the neck and glutes when weeding and gardening, holding the watering can and several instruments will tone your muscles.

Moreover, mowing the lawn is a real aerobic routine and better for your heart health. Apart from that, investing some time in the garden often has other advantages:

1. Gardens offer a way to observe nature that has been found to help mental stability, cognitive performance, and emotional health.

2. Gardening lowers anxiety, sleep problems, obesity, and high blood pressure as well as increases the enjoyment of life, quality of life, and sense of belonging.

3. Gardens are important to encourage disease recovery, and just looking at gardens will relieve stress, cholesterol levels, and muscle spasms.

5. Play with your pet

Social distancing is a healthy way by active play to interact together with the tiny two and four-legged members of the family. Both kids and dogs would enjoy removing some of the streaming media and relaxing with them in and around the house while playing.

Dogs depend on human affection and they’ll keep you on your toes 24/7, provided the chance. Reap the benefits of the spare hours in and around the home that you are going to get. To keep you involved and promote the well-being of your dog, there are many great indoor sports.

6. Resort to exercise courses online

In the fitness context, now is the chance to build the most out of minimal tools. What you need is a mat, and you are all ready! On mobile devices and tablets, most live classes can be viewed, and you can even stream the lesson on the desktop and display it on the Television screen.

Decent internet access and a powered smartphone are what one wants. You will also get direct feedback on your exercise in some courses.

Your home is your gym, and in most situations, equipment-based workouts can easily be transferred to successful and preferred body weight exercises.

Particularly if your goal is primarily to lose weight and tone up, what better time to work hard in silence and let your success make the noise? Try meditating! (read more about it here).

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