Guest Blogging

We welcome contributions for any of the sections on our site, and we regularly publish bylined articles. Here’s what you need to know if you want to write guest blog for Parenting in COVID.

Target Audience

We focus on making the lives of millenial parents better, so make sure that your guest blog offers something valuable and unique to the readers. 

Writing Guidelines

  • 800-3000 word articles
  • We need great content that is 10x better than anything that can be found on the Internet. If that means longer, so be it. If it means shorter and more catchy, so be it!
  • Use catchy titles – the title needs to draw attention and make you want to read the article! See for a starting point.
  • Write in a casual, friendly tone, not overstuffed with medical terms and boring style
  • Maintain your unique voice. If you are an attributed author, say “I” and don’t shy away from clearly stating your opinion and showing your enthusiasm.
  • Keep it easy to read with lists, short paragraphs, subtitles and images.
  • When referencing studies, quote the source with a link. We do not accept secondary sources and need original studies from reputable sources, published in well known professional magazines.
  • No claims without backup!
  • Quote people only if you actually spoke with them – we do not accept secondary sources such as interviews in other magazines.

Formating Guidelines

  • You may submit your article as Word or text file.
  • Article titles and sub-headlines are always in the title cases. What is a title case? Online converter:
  • Subtitles are always Heading 2 and in title case
  • Top 10 list items are always either unordered lists or heading 2.
  • Always use a teaser break to separate teaser and body (teaser is what is shown on the front page).
  • Use bold sparingly, don’t use italics or underline.
  • Use spacing generously. Paragraphs are separated by an empty line.
  • No underlines, all capital letters or overuse of exclamation points.
  • Follow the Associated Press style guide, see  for a summary.

We absolutely accept no copied content or content that is obviously inspired by another article.

    Article has character limit 500 upto 1000, remaining character: