How to Tackle Stubborn Kids? 6 Practical Tips

How to Tackle Stubborn Kids? 6 Practical Tips

Stubborn kids can put their parents in a lot of helpless situations, especially in this COVID situation. COVID has changed the lives of a lot of people around the world. Some kids have improved while some kids have become stubborn.

The most common question I hear from parents is how to handle stubborn and aggressive child? Stubborn kids are challenging to handle. It should be done with complete patience and smartness.

You can improve your stubborn child, but it should be done in a very calm way. In COVID, you and your kid are homebound, and I feel that this is the best time to understand your little one.

Understand your kid’s actions and know the reason for their stubbornness. If you don’t know the correct reason, how are you going to find practical solutions to tackle them. Your kids need your attention now more than ever.

This whole situation needs the parents to tackle the kids smartly. So I have derived some handy tips to handle the stubborn kids. All the super parents out there stop worrying and start implementing these tips.

If you have a stubborn kid, that means he or she is very strong-willed and makes sure their wishes are fulfilled. Smart parenting requires a lot of tolerance. Never ever lose your temper while handling your kid. This lays a very impression on them instead of improving they can even become worse.

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Useful Tips to Tackle Your Stubborn Kid during COVID

COVID has given you a great chance to tackle your stubborn kid. You can be around them 24/7 to analyze their actions. But still you won’t be able to tell them directly to stop being stubborn. You will have to adapt some sideways to make them understand.

So, your stubborn kid sees himself/herself as the boss of the house but so do you. There cannot be two bosses in the house. So let’s learn about some practical tips that will teach you some corrects way to handle your stubborn child.

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip One – A Little Authority Is Fine

A quick suggestion, if you want to know how to handle stubborn and aggressive child, then I suggest that you let your words display a little authority.

If you ever sit and understand the thought process of a stubborn child, you will derive that all they want is some authority. And nothing is wrong with giving them some authority.

You have the right to control them in the right way, but it is fair to provide them with a little authority. Until they become of a certain age, you may find it inappropriate to make them take the decisions.

Hence, parents need to be careful about what they allow and what they don’t. Although, you may not agree with everything they tell but giving them little authority makes them think that they are important and you care.

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip Two – They Need To Be Challenged

If your child is being stubborn in certain tasks than present those tasks as challenges to them. Kids tend to be quite competitive, so they think it is a game and try to complete it. explains about the various factors affecting the competitiveness of the child.

Teach them to listen o you in the form of games. And if they complete the challenge, give them some sticker as a form of appreciation. This way they will think that if they listen to you, you will give them a reward.

This kind of encouragement makes your child’s behavior better. For example, ask your kid to put the toys back in place as a part of a game. Tell them they will get a reward if they complete the challenge. When they complete, give them a star or a sticker for good behavior.   

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip Three – Try Giving them Importance

Kids are highly sensitive and stubborn child often displays more emotions. It would be great if you try to give more importance to the child and divert his attention rather than arguiing about something and escalate his stubbornness.

Tell your kid to accompany you while you are doing some work. This will make them feel like you gave them responsibility, and they will feel important.

Ask them to assist you and tell them they are good at it. If you have any work that they can do easily like cleaning garden or arranging the toys, then ask them to help you.

Your kid will be more than happy to help you. They are very innocent and can learn a lot of things this way. 

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip Four – Practice Patience and Positivity

Do you know why teachers do not ask much, how to deal with a stubborn child in the classroom? Do you think its only because they are trained to tackle their tantrums? Well, yes, but more importantly they have the patience and a positive attitude while handling kids.

Kids can be very strong-willed sometimes. Most of the parents get angry and threaten their kids. But this is not the right way. You should never be hard on your kids and be very patient when they something wrong.

It’s not that difficult. It only needs a smart arrangement of some positive words that does the work that too with politeness. In COVID, especially many people lose their calm at home.

It lays a very bad impression on the kids. So always speak in such a way that they feel you are speaking in their favor.

For instance, whenever your kid demands to play games, parents will always threaten that you will get to play only if you do the homework. Now, this doesn’t work for stubborn kids.

You need to tell them that as soon as you complete your homework, we will play. Now if they argue more, you should tell that complete your homework fast so we can play more. This way, they will obey you and will not do any arguments.  

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip Five: Understand Whether Your Kid Is Stubborn or Determined

Have you ever observed the determination of a stubborn child? Especially the younger ones around the age of two. Often, parents come up to me seeking suggestions on how to deal with stubborn 2 year old.

I always respond by asking them to find out if their child is stubborn or too determined.

What is the difference? Let me explain.

Stubborn Child Meaning

If your kid does not follow any instructions given by you and if none of the methods including pleading, cajoling or coercion does not have any effect on your kid, then you may label them as stubborn. Stubborn kids often misbehave and display disrespect.

Don’t be upset if your child is exactly like what I explained in the section “Stubborn child meaning”. A study published in The Independent website stated that stubborn child is more likely to be successful. (I am sure this gives you a little reason to smile a bit!)

Determined Child Meaning

Determined kids are often mistaken for stubborn kids. Look, there is a difference between determined and stubborn. A determined kid will always want to complete their task like; if your kid is drawing something, then they will stand only if they have completed it.

Now, this is not stubbornness. As long as they do not come on bad behavior, you can say that they are determined. Determined kids are very creative and sharp. So analyse your kid’s behavior to understand them.  

Tackling Stubborn Kids Tip Six: Connect and Stay Calm

Never ever argue with your little ones. As I mentioned before, a kids are highly sensitive and stubborn child can become more rebellious if you argue with them. They do not understand the language of anger.

Do you know why the school teachers are so good at handling your kids? Its because they know how to deal with a stubborn child in the classroom.

Kids usually tend to do the opposite of what is told to them. If you argue, they will also learn to argue. To stop this, you must develop a bond with them. You have got the best time during this pandemic to spend with them and understand them.

My suggestion is to sync your work with their activity. Learn about balancing work and family life here. If they want to play, then play for some time and then tell them you have work and give them their activity. If they see you working, they will also do their activity. Kids always replicate their parents.

So if you are reading then give them their book to read. By these connections, your stubborn kid can gradually improve to become an obedient kid.

If you wish to learn about reducing the screen time for kids, check out this blog.

Final Words

All the super parents out there do not worry about your stubborn kids. Just a little effort by both of you and you will soon see better changes in your kid. It all depends on you and how you behave with your little ones. These tips will surely help you, and I know it. Have a great time with your lovelies.

This write-up focused on guiding the wonderful parents on how to tackle their stubborn child. I hope you enjoy reading the blog and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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