Life After COVID
Prepping Your Family for Life after COVID

Prepping Your Family for Life after COVID

COVID has changed our lifestyle in many different ways. There is going to be a vast difference between our life before COVID and our life after COVID. You might not have imagined that you might have to change this way.

But all thanks to COVID that has changed our lifestyle as well as our mental health. COVID is a kind of deadly virus that has symptoms similar to the flu. In the flu, you get a fever, cough, weakness, etc. Similarly, in COVID, you get a fever, dry cough, cold, headache, etc.

So I have seen that people are bringing a lot of changes in their diet, especially. And not even people, I have changed my diet a lot to take care of my family and me. COVID has taught us to live with limited resources and use them in the best way possible.

The Lockdown Scenario

When there was a lockdown, people survived with limited resources. Earlier people used to eat a lot of outside food and junk food. After COVID, people have started making stuff at home and avoid outside food.

I will share you my story only. Before COVID, I used to eat a lot of ice-cream and milkshakes. Those were my go-to-food for every weekend. But as COVID came into our lives, I learned about it and limited my cold food intake.

Cold food induces cold, and I didn’t want to take any risk. So I asked my family and me to avoid ice-cream and cold shakes until COVID was gone. I was doing my best to prepare them for what was coming.

As this is a highly contagious virus, it is very difficult to know from where you got infected. Being the youngest and reading everything on the internet, I wanted to protect my family as much as I can. So I started prepping them up for things that they to take care of even after COVID.

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Things to Do to Prep Your Family for Life after COVID

Do Not Forget Masks After COVID

COVID has made wearing face masks compulsory. Now that the lockdown is lifting ask your family not to forget the mask for maximum safety.

Washing Hands, Using Sanitizer

As COVID is a highly contagious disease, tell your family members to wash their hands or sanitize them as soon as they come home or even if they come in touch with someone. 

Every Member Should Use Their Separate Things At Home

At home, earlier we used to use everything for everyone. But after COVID, every member must assign a particular thing for themselves. For example, separate everyone’s water glasses to keep safe.

Less Junk, Healthier Food

Encourage healthy food. Minimize bringing food from outside because it reduces immunity. Prepare healthy food with a pinch of fun. So none of the family members get bored of it.

Maximum Water Intake Even After COVID has Passed

Increase the water intake to maintain the immunity system. The more water you drink, the stronger your immune system. This is for all ages of people. Here’s a piece of advice, ask everyone in the family to keep a bottle with them to increase water intake.

Multivitamins and Vitamin C

The tablets of multivitamins and vitamin C must be taken regularly. This increases the immunity of your family without any side-effects.

Steam everyday

Steam must be made a daily thing. As you go out for work, steam makes your chances to catch the coronavirus minimum. So every member should take steam regularly.

Going Out Only If Needed

Someone has to go out for the essential things. So only one person should go out, and that person must get all the things. It decreases the chances of other people getting infected.

More Health Drinks, Less Soft Drinks

Drink healthy drinks, especially in the mornings— Prepare warm water with ginger, turmeric, mint leaves, lemon to boost immunity.

Disinfect the Things you Buy Even After COVID

All the new things that you get from outside must be disinfected. You do not know who has touched and from how much time it is there. So disinfecting is a must.

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