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Our privacy policy was last revised on 1st December, 2020.

It dictates, under the Parenting In COVID, the privacy terms of all webpages and their social networking accounts Inc. Brand and its affiliates to Parenting In COVID, which this policy is associated.

Intent and Range Of And Definitions Of This Privacy Policy

To ensure your safety, Parenting In COVID (defined above) implements all statutory obligations. This Privacy Policy is a legal declaration that illustrates how you can obtain information from us, how your information is transmitted, and how you can restrict our processing of your information.

‘Non-Personal Information means information that is not available publicly to you and that we collect dynamically with a web or mobile web page when you access the Parenting In COVID (defined above). It may also include relevant data accessible to the public that is shared between you and others.

‚ÄúPersonally Identifiable Information” – Personally Identifiable Information may include information that you provide us with or that we acquire about you, such as your name, email address, and other relevant information.

  1. You assert to the terms of this privacy policy and you explicitly consent to the compilation, use and disclosure of your Personally Identifiable Information pursuant to this Privacy Policy by submitting your Personally Identifiable Information through any of the Parenting In COVID.
  • This Privacy Policy does not apply to details that anyone except Parenting In COVID collects about you and only pertains to the Parenting In COVID. This Privacy Policy shall not apply to websites of Parenting In COVID Media which are not attached to this Policy and shall not apply to websites of non-Parenting In COVID, including those which are associated to or publicized on the Parenting In COVID. The privacy policies published on those sites will be subject to any information you provide when you visit the Parenting In COVID other than those enclosed by this Policy.
  • New or additional privacy amendments that will be posted on the Parenting In COVID Site in linkage with such attributes may be subject to certain characteristics of the Parenting In COVID Sites. All such supplementary provisions of privacy are embedded into this privacy policy by relation.



How We’re Collecting Details

Details You Provide. Usually, Parenting In COVID gathers personally identifiable information that you supply on a voluntary basis. For example, when you open a new account or enroll on any of the Parenting In COVID Sites, engage in a promotion or competition, complete a survey, partake in any of our community forums, make a payment on any of our Parenting In COVID Sites, participate in any of our social media functions, subscribe to any of our publications, subscribe to newsletters, promotional correspondence, or other digital correspondence.  Data such as birthday, gender, educational levels, marital status, location, family income, home type, and pursuits or interests. If you want to add your own material on any of the Parenting In COVID Sites, online forums, interact in any of our social networking features, or any tool that may be provided on the Parenting In COVID Sites, it will gather those resources and will be freely available for viewing by others.

Information That We Automatically Acquire. We automatically obtain some computer information when you use any of the Parenting In COVID Sites through the connection of your cell phone or search engine with any of the Parenting In COVID Sites. Commonly, such data is called Non-Personal Knowledge.

Cookies and similar systems can be set and available on your device by the Parenting In COVID media (or third-party service providers in our name). A cookie is a tiny piece of data (often containing a special code) that your web browser stores when you visit a website on your smartphone or computer.

We use cookies to identify the use of the website and to enhance the content and services of the website and other media. Cookies can be used to manage the display of advertising, to monitor consumption trends on the Parenting In COVID Sites, to deliver content material, to monitor subscription applications, and to personalize the information you see on the (—Parenting In COVID Sites. Cookies can also be used Parenting In COVID Media (or third party service providers on our behalf) to gather compiled data about website users anonymously (“Anonymous Information”). For any business intent, we will share aggregate demographics and consumption details with our potential and existing business partners, marketers and other third parties.

Some of our third – party websites (including marketers and marketing service businesses) can, or we may do so on their account, install and access cookies and related technologies on your device as well. We have no influence over how these third parties use, or the knowledge extracted from, cookies and similar systems. You can customize most Web browsers to prevent the use of cookies. However, you will not be able to acquire the full functionality of the Parenting In COVID Sites accurately or at all if you disable cookies. We never publish things on cookies that is personal data.

Your Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address is normally associated with the location from which you access the Internet, such as your Internet Service Provider, your organization, or your workplace. The referring page that you connected to us (e.g. another website or search engine) may also be registered by our server; the links you visit on the Parenting In COVID Sites, the sites you visit after this webpage; the ads you see the advertisements you click on other information on the type of web browser, operating system, computer, platform, relevant software and settings you are using; any search words you use.

To help diagnose problems with our servers, collect large demographic information, analyze patterns among our users to help us develop and manage the Parenting In COVID Sites, we can use your IP address.

We can also attach this information to your Personally Identifiable Information if we feel that adherence with our guidelines and regulations or terms of service needs to be enforced or our Parenting In COVID Sites, customers or others are covered.

Tracking Software for Third Parties: To enhance the efficiency and features of the Parenting In COVID Sites, we also use third party tracking tools. These third-party monitoring tools are intended primarily to gather Non-Personal Information about your use of the Parenting In COVID Sites. You know, however, that such instruments are produced and controlled by parties beyond our influence. As such, we are not liable for what information is actually gathered by those third parties or how that information is used and covered by those third parties.

How We Use Your Data

We use the knowledge from you that we get as follows:

Provide The Services You Have Sought. We will also use your e-mail account to give you a confirmation message about the service if you subscribe to any of our programs. Similarly, we can also use this information if you enter a promotion or a competition to apprise you if you are a victor. We might also send e-mails from each of the Parenting In COVID  Pages, our partners and/or our sponsors to users and advert participants to disclose exclusive deals, services and announcements.

Website Customization and Enhancement. We also use your details to identify you as a customer, enhance the Parenting In COVID Sites and Services, send you administrative alerts, and reply back to your inquiries, which may include Personally Identifiable Information.

Purposes for Advertising. For the purpose of marketing the Parenting In COVID Sites, we can compile and use any and all information that we collect about you either online or otherwise, including from third parties. By excluding information such as your name) that makes the data personally identifiable to you, we can generate anonymous information from personally identifiable information. We use this Non – personally identifiable information for every reason and shall, in our complete discretion, reveal Anonymous Information to third parties.

They can be credited to you if you provide us with personal anecdotes. Parenting In COVID  Media can, with or without acknowledgement, edit, rewrite, use and reuse the material, including your name, image, image and biographical details given by you, including publication in magazines and in commercial media and ads.

Amalgamation Of Data. We retain the power to levy and use any Non-Personal Information obtained from your use of the Parenting In COVID Sites and to compile such information for internal analytics, as well as for use or resale to others to enhance our Website and the Service. Your Private Data is never included in these data assemblages at any time.

Purposes of Edition. In conjunction, for editorial purposes, we can use details you provide us with through emails, Q&A, discussion forums, in reference to surveys, or via any other user-generated input, and may use your name and any content you provide us with in online articles and in our magazines.

Information Disclosure

Parenting In COVID Media can and you authorize us to) share or reveal personally identifiable information about you to other companies or individuals in the following circumstances, in addition to the other disclosures mentioned in this policy:

We use third-party service providers to provide on our behalf goods, services or functionality (such as sending emails or issuing credit cards or fulfilling subscriptions) and require these service providers to agree to keep your Personally Identifiable Information confidential and not to use your Personally Identifiable Information for any reason other than for the purpose(s) to be fulfilled.

You have entered a promo or a competition sponsored by a third party, in which case we can share the details you provide through the promo/contest with that third party for their discretionary use including direct marketing. At the time of entry, some of our promotions and competitions will ask you if you would like to have your personal data shared with the sponsor, in which case we will respect your selection.

Other contests would not give you that choice, and in that case, you should not enter the contest if you do not want your information to be shared. These third-party companies’ privacy policies relate to their use and disclosure of the information that we obtain and report to those third-party companies.

An associate of Parenting In COVID Media is the body to which the information is disclosed.

In accordance with the preferences indicated by you (e.g., you indicated you wanted to receive promotional materials directly from a third party partner).

The organization is a third party who seeks to sell products and services that we believe you will be interested in.

You also provided us with personally identifying information in order to forward it to a third party for use in conjunction with a specific program that you want to partake in (examples include, without limitation, e-commerce partners, services to help old friends locate you online, etc.)

If such disclosure is (a) needed by demand, statute or other legal procedure, we may be legally required to disclose your Personally Identifying Information; (b) necessary to assist law enforcement officers or government enforcement agencies; (c) essential to scrutinize violations of or otherwise uphold our Legal Terms; (d) necessary to protect us from any legal proceedings or third-party disputes (collectively, “Legal Exceptions”).

In connection with the sale, acquisition, transition, swap or other disposal of all or part of the business carried out by the Summit Sites to which this policy relates (whether properties, stock or otherwise, including by bankruptcy), in which case the corporation will retain the Personally Identifiable Information collected by us and retain the rights and obligations relating to your Personally Identifiable Information (collectively, “Acquisition Exception”).

Social Media. If you use your Parenting In COVID Site login details from a social networking site (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) we can obtain information from that SNS in compliance with the Parenting In COVID Site Terms and Conditions (e.g. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) . We will share information with them in compliance with your election if you want to share your information with these. For the details that we reveal to them the terms of the Parenting In COVID may apply.

Partners from Third Parties. Any of the Parenting In COVID Sites can from time to time, partner with a retailer or another third party to deliver co-branded or cross-promotional online shopping opportunities, games, services, subscriptions, and other applications. Such transactions can take place either on the Parenting In COVID Site or on a third party site. In this case, the Personally Identifying Information you provide in connection with the transaction can be obtained from certain incentives and features directly by or exchanged by the Media with a third party, as well as with any participating sponsor or advertiser.

Some of the Sites can provide you with the option to access a third-party site with which we have a partnership via a co-branded registration process to access both sites; in any case, the relevant registration information may be obtained directly by the third party partner or shared by Media with them. In alignment with their own user agreement, these third parties will use your information.

Advertising Distribution And Other Content. In addition to advertisements and content that we directly serve you, when you visit a Parenting In COVID Site, we use third-party advertising agencies and marketing services companies to display ads and other content. In order to serve advertisements and other content to you both we and these companies can use information about your visits to this site and elsewhere. In the process of doing so, such companies can place or recognize a unique third party cookie on your web page.

Third-Party Marketing Firms. When you visit our Web site, we use third-party advertising companies to display ads. These companies can use information about your visits to this and other websites (your cookies and device ID) to provide advertising for products and services of interest to you.

Option of opting-out

Government Correspondence. We and our affiliates and partners comply completely with national SPAM rules. If you want to opt out of our email services, you can do so by following the instructions in the email you have received to unsubscribe. We accept that without your consent, we will not sell, rent, or exchange your email address to any unregistered third-party partners.

Registering Customer. By logging in and editing your User Profile, you can choose to change your user registration details at any time. You can contact us at if you wish to cancel or uninstall your user registration. Please note that any material will be removed from the active server when we remove it, but may be stored in our archives. For fraudulent or similar purposes, we can preserve your information.

Exceptions. Exceptions If you have opted-out as mentioned above and subsequently want to use a service or promotion that allows us to contact you or share your details with a third party (e.g., you enter a promotion or a contest), that service will not be subject to your previous opt-out preferences.

We may give you service related emails, including notices regarding your subscription, notwithstanding your specified preferences, and we may continue to reveal your data to third parties under the Service Provide Exception, Legal Exception and Acquisition Exception mentioned above.

Your Personal Data Protection

To help protect your personally identifiable information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, we use a number of industry-standard security technologies and procedures. To obtain your registration details, we also need you to enter a password. Please do not reveal to other entities your registration password.

However no mode of transmission over the Internet, or electronic storage method, is 100 percent reliable. Thus while Parenting In COVID Media makes fair efforts to protect your Personally Identifiable Information, its absolute protection cannot be assured by Parenting In COVID Media.

Children and Guardians

The Parenting In COVID Sites are not intended for use by those under 13 years of age (“Child””). If you’re a teen, before using our website, please seek your parent or guardian’s permission. If you are a parent or guardian and suspect that your child is using our platform, please email us at to request that your child’s details be removed and type “Deletion Request for Minor” in the subject line. Before we honor such a request, we reserve the right to ask you for proof of your relationship with the boy. We will automatically delete the account as soon as possible if we learn that a child has built an account on our website. We shall not use the information for any reason whatsoever and shall not reveal it to third parties. However, you understand, as a parent or guardian of such a child, that you are legally responsible for any transactions made by the child.

To help you restrict your child’s exposure to materials online, there are commercially available instruments. If your child has posted comments on the Parenting In COVID site, you can also ask us to remove these comments by providing us with the active URL address of the website where the content is stored, a copy of the content (cut and pasted into your email), the date of issue and if applicable, the corresponding username.

To delete any information, we will act as quickly as possible (except in certain circumstances mandated by law). Remember that our removal does not guarantee that your material is fully or thoroughly deleted from the internet and comments that others might have made about you and your child or your post will remain available online.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We assert the right at any time to revise this privacy policy. If we make any material changes to the manner in which we use your Personally Identifiable Information, we can notify you, by email or by any means we decide, of the changes on our website. Our absolute discretion is the way we prefer. Any updates to this privacy policy will be applicable fifteen (15) days after our notice of changes to our website has been posted and will override any previous privacy policies.

 For new users of our website, these updates will be effective immediately. Upon continued use of our website, your acknowledgment and willingness to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes shall be indicated upon notice of such changes.

Privacy Policy Inquiries

Please feel free to contact us if you have any complaints or queries about any element of this policy at: