Productivity during COVID – 4 Simple Steps

Productivity during COVID – 4 Simple Steps

This pandemic has just become the best to the worst thing that could ever exist on the planet. Maintaining productivity during COVID seems to be impossible task.

When there was first lockdown, I was glad to do nothing and lay around all day playing games, watching web series and movies. I was happy to get an unexpected vacation.

There were days when even playing games and switching applications had become boring and other days when I felt like doing nothing.

It was getting very difficult to kill time, just when I thought that I have to use this time that I got to keep my mind productive. Here are some steps that helped me to maintain my productivity during this lock-down.

productivity during COVID

Steps to maintaing productivity during COVID

Step 1 : At-Home Workout

When people were doing video calls to stay in touch, me and my friends were doing a video call workout.

A friend of mine is a Zumba trainer so all I had to do is match her time and workout with her. Best hour of the day (not going to lie). Who does not like a chill workout with friends? I know I do.

Step 2 : Develop a New Skill for productivity during COVID

Staying at home, not having access to any outside food, there were so many cravings that needed to be fulfilled.

As there was no option left, I decided to cook it by myself. I do not have much interest in cooking but always wondered how mom did it like a cake walk.

So initially I used to assist her in the kitchen to understand the basics. I tried to cook by watching recipes on YouTube and surprisingly turned out to be really good.

Step 3 : Work on Yourself

I have a thing for sunsets. I love watching the beautiful sky and clouds. So I clicked some beautiful pictures and uploaded a few.

Little did I know, my friends and everyone loved them. But I was still new to this.

So I started experimenting with my skills and used to spend the entire evening on the terrace clicking pictures and took more time to edit them.

The feeling of freshness on the terrace was so peaceful. It made me happy internally.

A special read for working mothers here.

Step 4 : Get Dressed

This entire lock-down comprised of mainly pajamas as a daily wear, which is at some point exhausting.

Sometimes when I do not feel like doing any work, I get ready as if I am heading out. This boosts my mind and makes me fresh at the same time. I feel a positive vibe that makes my mind productive.

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