Top 50 Ways to Save Money In 2021

Top 50 Ways to Save Money In 2021

COVID has taught people how important it is to save money in 2021. 2020 has been a challenging year for almost everyone with the lockdown. The people literally had no income source, and that’s when they realized the real importance of savings.

The people who suffered the most were the parents while fulfilling their kids’ needs with stopped incomes simultaneously. This was when the parents knew the actual necessity to save money. Saving money is an art. Parenting is not easy, and neither is saving.

Parenting has become difficult and dear parents, you have so many expenses to be taken care of. When the money stops coming in, parents become so stressed as their priority is to nurture their kids. And to accomplish that, it is the savings that you need.

This blog focuses on some of the best saving ideas for 2021 that you might find useful.

Smart Money Saving Ideas For 2021

Save Money In 2021

Parenting in COVID and even after COVID has become a great task. I think y’all could really use some savings tips for 2021. I thought that it would be great to share some smart ways to save money in 2021. So I give you a 2021 money saving challenge. If you are really looking forward to some saving ideas for 2021, read further.

1.   Save money, cut cable cords

Cables have become so costly these days. You can simply cut down your cable and opt for alternative ways to watch your favorite shows. Everything is available on the internet now. You do not need to have a subscription that gives you all channels and TV shows.

The subscription fee to some of the apps that show you live TV shows are lower than the cable costs. Netflix or Hulu Plus offers some great discounts too. Remove that cable now and save money in 2021.

2.   Learn the art of saving money in 2021 by turning off lights

No, no, I am not suggesting you sit in the dark. I am trying to say here is to use lesser electricity by using the lights that you really need. There are some extra lights in our house that are just for better lighting. You don’t need them every day. Turn on the lights you really need, and always remember to turn off the lights as soon as you leave the room.

The same goes for other electrical things. Do not switch on the fancy lamps in your house unless there is a party or gathering. Turn off unwanted electrical usage to save money in 2021. This will help you cut down your electricity bill and increase your saving balance.

3.   Save money in 2021 by choosing credit cards that offer you rewards

One of the most creative ways to save money (2021) is by choosing a credit card that offers more rewards. There are a lot of credit card companies that offer you great rewards and cashback. If you are spending some money on something, then why not earn something back from it. Getting a cashback or a reward from your spending will give your heart and mind relief.

But be careful, do not overspend in order to avail offers and get cash back. Keep track of your spending and stay honest with yourself. I don’t want you to take one step ahead and then two steps back. I recommend you to have a look at this list of best credit card services to get the highest benefits.

4.   Make a proper budget and follow it strictly

Best place to save money is your home. If you make a budget for your house, spending and saving will come in order. Just decide how much you need to spend on particular stuff, and you will see real changes. Making a budget gives you a goal to spend mindfully and then giving you an opportunity to save more. This saved money can be used in fulfilling your other goals.

5.   Stop buying online, start buying offline

I know buying everything on Amazon is very easy and convenient for you, but you may get a cheaper option of those things at your local store. You are used to buying everything, even the smallest things like paper towels, dog food, etc., from online portals. The local stores around your area may offer you those goods at lower prices. There you can save a lot of money.

6.   Stick to the list in the grocery store if you want to save money in 2021

While the grocery store is too tempting for everyone, make a list before entering the store. Buy the things that you really need, and that is on your list. There will be things in the store which you don’t need, but you want to buy.

Control yourself and make sure you buy the things that are included in the list. This is one of the best saving ideas for 2021 because I used to buy a lot of things that I didn’t need, but I wanted. Due to this habit, I never used to maintain my budget.

7.   Stop getting extra snacks from the store

Your kids may always force you to buy them new snacks every time you go to the store to buy something. Make them understand the importance of saving money and why it is not right to do unnecessary expenses. Make your kids some snacks at home only which are tasty and delicious. Kids will take time to understand the importance, but slowly they will.

8.   Avoid eating out in expensive places

Eating out for once in a while is okay. But eating out every now and then is not at all good for your savings account. Restaurants are very expensive, and above that, they also charge you a lot for small portions.

If you want to eat out, there are many food-joints that provide you with a proper portion of food at cheaper rates. But mostly make a habit of eating healthy food at home. It will be beneficial for you as well as the kids.

9.   Get rid of all the toxic substances in your life

If you are someone who is addicted to smoking or drinking or anything such, quit it now. These addictions cost you a lot, and it is doing no good for you. Think about your kids, your partner, your family; they need you.

All these harmful addictions are not going to give you anything but a waste of money and health. I give you a 2021 money saving challenge, just for a month, save all those money you spend on cigarettes or drinks, and see how many extra savings you are left with for many other essential things. Health is wealth, my friend.

10. Find a grocery store that is the cheapest to help you save money in 2021

There are so many stores that provide you with the same goods. Some are famous, some are not. Find the one that gives you goods at cheaper rates than others. Don’t compromise with the quality.

Look properly and save yourself some bucks to buy more. These stores just buy in wholesale rates and give you at cheaper rates from others. There is no middleman here, which is why it is cheaper than others.

11. Try utilizing the coupons that are available on various apps

There are certain apps that give you coupons that offer you discount on whatever you shop for. They give you excellent deals that can be redeemed at various places. 

When you shop by those apps and coupons, they generate some points for you, which get accumulated in the app only. Later you can use those points to avail more discounts and offers.

This is a pro tip to save money in 2021 and buying what you like simultaneously. You also get a sure cashback when you signup.

12. Carry your own bag while going shopping and save money in 2021

Carrying your own bag while shopping is one of the most creative ways to save money (2021). Whenever you are shopping out for groceries or anything, make sure you have your own bag. These stores charge you extra money for the bag.

To cut off the cost of such expense, carry a big bag to the store to keep your items inside. I know it is a tiny amount that you save, but these small amounts get accumulated to a larger amount, and voila, saving done!

13. Use public transport more often

We all love using our own vehicles, but it is really expensive and energy-consuming. With the increasing prices of fuel, using personal vehicles every day becomes a huge expense. So if you have a daily route to work, try using public transport.

It is cost-efficient and convenient. Also, you are doing well for the environment. As much as important it is to save money in 2021, it is essential to save the environment.

Ways to Save Money in 2021 for Parents with a New-Baby    

14. Increase your savings

Now that you have a baby, you need to cut down some extra expenses. Try to increase your savings this year for the future expenses that about to happen.

Raising a baby in such times require some good skills to save money in 2021. Put the money in the savings account so that you can earn interest on it. Make sure that you choose the bank that gives you maximum returns—spare money for the baby.  

15. Think of your baby’s future while saving money in 2021

Save Money In 2021

Ever thought of putting aside some money for your little one’s future? There are so many ways through which you can save your family funds. You get a lot of options for saving money for your baby.

Whether it is for your baby’s university or your baby’s birthday 16th party, saving in such schemes and bonds always helps. You just need to choose the best option for your baby’s future.

16. Avoid overspending for your baby at all costs

You need to get all the things related to the baby, right? But it is not necessary to buy everything branded. You can also go for things that are non-branded and cheap and of good quality. Do a little research, and you will find a lot of such options in your local store or even online.

Keep in mind your budget while making decisions about buying things for your baby. Overspending is never an option because you will need those things for some time only until the baby fits in. Don’t let panic-buying take over you and only buy things that are really necessary.

17. Don’t buy a lot of toys

As a parent, you will want to give your baby every new toy available. But think before you do that. Babies do not need a lot of toys; they only play with the toys they like playing.

Buying a lot of toys is simply a waste of money. This is one of the best saving ideas for 2021 for the new parents as most of the expenses are related to toys only.

18. Tell your friends and relatives what is required

When you have a baby, people will bring gifts for the baby. Sometimes it happens that you may receive two similar gifts. For example, your friend and your sister gifted you similar car seats.

Now you only need one, so the other will become useless. To avoid this kind of confusion, ask your friends and family to gift you something you really need. This is among the pro money saving tips for 2021. Be straight-forward and save money in 2021.

19.  Make extra money in your free time

You must be aware that you can utilize your free time in earning extra money. With a baby, you cannot do a full-time job, but you can definitely work online from home while taking care of your baby.

Especially after COVID, there are several jobs that just take your 2-3 hours of the day and pay you well. By doing this, everything can be managed and worked out. If you can do this, it will be the best way to earn and save money in 2021.

20. You can buy second hand or borrow some baby-related things

If your friend or your family member has had a baby a year ago or so, you can ask them for their stuff. There is nothing in borrowing things from people. In these difficult times, everyone understands the value of money and how important it is to save money in 2021.

Don’t be keen on buying everything new for the baby. First, ask your near and dear ones, and then make a decision.  You can also buy second-hand things easily. It will be cheap and affordable for you. Remember, saving money in 2021 is the only way to overcome the losses.   

Best Money Saving Tips 2021

21.   Plan budgeted date nights

It is fair to go on a fancy date with your partner once a while. Fancy dates cost you a lot, and you also know how much food portions these so-called fine restaurants offer. It can cost you a fortune and still leave you hungry.

Well, I have a better idea for you. Take your partner to a place that is less expensive and offers excellent food. After all, spending time is the main aim of the whole date. Budgeted date nights will cost you less and give you more fun.     

22.   Carry your own lunch at work to save money in 2021

Once I was reading some magazine, I came across a survey that Americans spend around $2500 to $3000 on lunches during the year. Now, this is a lot if seen collectively.

You can always make time to prepare your lunch at home and spend less on buying lunch. The food that you carry from home is healthy and hygienic as compared to that of the outside. Buying lunch from outside every now and then is not a good habit.

23.   Try to live a simple life

A simple lifestyle can lead to a smooth life. In current times, it is vital to know some of these rare saving money tips for 2021. Everybody has responsibilities in their life, and saving money in 2021 has become a priority. You have to plan your life, your family’s life, and even your retirement life. Here are some simple yet effective money saving ideas for 2021: 

  • Learn to become more organized.
  • Pay off your debt on time.
  • Spend limited time on social media.
  • Pay your expenses annually or semi-annually.
  • De-cluttering and maybe even downsizing.
  • It is okay to have fewer clothing options.
  • Automate your payments.

In the beginning, a minimal lifestyle may be difficult, but after some time, you will feel happy that you did it. There are a lot of things in our life that are essential but to say, money in 2021 must be your preference. 

24.   Start investing your money

While doing, put some money aside for the purpose of investment. Invest your money in the ways you like and earn out of it. It doesn’t matter if you invest a small amount of money or a big amount of money.

If you have knowledge of the stock market, then you can invest there. Investments will give you good returns on your money. But invest carefully and smartly. There are a number of options where you can invest according to the amount of your investment.

25.    Always double think before making a huge purchase to save money in 2021

We, humans, are very curious and we love shopping. I love to shop and I used to buy many things out of curiosity without thinking about whether I need them or not. Now I am going to give the most amazing way to save money in 2021. Especially when you are making a big purchase that is going to cost you a lot, ask yourself these basic questions:

  • Can I afford it?
  • What are the other expenses related to this product?
  • What else could I spend this much amount of money on?
  • Can I wait for 24 hours to make the purchase?
  • Can I borrow this particular thing from someone else instead of buying it?
  • Does this product come with a return policy?
  • Do I really need this?

Try and answer these questions before purchasing to avoid the future regret of buying some expensive product.

26.   Learn about your credit score for free to save money in 2021

There are companies that charge you for viewing your credit card score. And there are people who actually pay these companies to get monthly credit scores. However, you can receive your credit card score updates a few times a year for free.

Maintaining a credit card score is very important in order to get approved for loans in the future. Raising your credit card score is one of the pro saving tips for 2021.  I also read once that many websites also provide you your credit card score for free. Do check them.   

27.   Travel at low prices with your credit card

Using credit cards has its own perks. You get a lot of points and discounts on your credit card. Paying your expenses through credit cards can make you earn specific reward points. And if you get lucky, there can be so many rewards that you can actually go on a trip that will cost you almost nothing.

No, I am not kidding. It is one hundred percent truth. Some credit card companies provide amazing deals. Choose the best one. If this is not the most excellent way to save money in 2021, then I don’t know what is.

28.   Get freebies or coupons for your birthday to save money in 2021

Who doesn’t like to receive free gifts on birthdays? I know I do. There are so many companies and restaurants that give you free gift vouchers and coupons for your birthday.

Don’t you think this is the best of all the saving ideas for 2021 because you just have to show your driving license or any birth proof to prove your birthday? I am surely going to try this because who doesn’t like free stuff? 

29.   Don’t pay more than necessary for your phone bills

Phones are a necessity, and whether you like it or not, they cost you a lot. Starting with your phone bills and all the things you buy just for your phone, every expense can be lessened or avoided. You have a family, and everybody’s phone bills are a lot of expense.

Choose a service provider whose services are good but don’t cost a lot. You also don’t need to buy those expensive covers for your phone. Buy a regular cover, and save money in 2021. If you want a fancy cover, just decorate your existing cover by looking at some great ideas online.

30.   Search for jobs that give you work from home perks

During COVID, people realized that there are so many jobs that be done from home. Working from home can help you to save money in 2021. When you work from home full-time, you don’t need to go to your workplace. First of all, this saves your transportation costs.

When you go to a workplace, there are many expenses related to lunch, snacks, and coffee breaks. All these expenses are eliminated, and you are earning working on your bed. There are so many companies that offer work from home facilities post COVID. You can also spend proper time with your kids.  

31.   Get a car that is affordable and has less maintenance

Buying a car is a huge purchase, and you have to do it very carefully. Look for car options that fit in your budget or are lower than your decide price. Don’t come into anyone’s trap to spend a little more. This little more will disturb your whole budget plan.

Get yourself a car that has less maintenance costs. Think before you buy. Ask yourself those questions which I told you earlier and then come to a decision. 

32.   Saving money must be fun and not stressful

One of the best money saving tips 2021 is, don’t stress about saving and think of saving as a fun activity. It will need a lot of positive approaches, but I know you can definitely do it. After COVID, everyone was very short on cash in 2020, so it is necessary to save money in 2021.

By thinking of saving as a fun activity, you will get the motivation of saving money in 2021. Here are some ways through which you can make savings a fun activity:

  • Take part in the 2021 money saving challenge
  • Come up with a challenge to save more between you and your friends and family members
  • Make yourself a doodle or graphic that can keep track of your saving and as you save, start coloring. Put some goals and as you reach them, paint until there. It will keep track of how much is left too.
  • Make plans of things you want to do with the saved money. Put somewhere you can look at every day. It will give you the motivation to save more.

33.   Pay your debts on time and quickly if possible

Paying your debts quickly will allow you to feel free and good. Paying off debts on time is very important in order to maintain your finance. When you pay off the debts quickly, you won’t have to pay the extra interest for a longer time.

While making a budget, you have so many things planned to do, and paying off debts will always be top of your list. To save money in 2021, keep in mind paying off the debts as early as possible.  

34.   Cut down some of the subscribed services

Every house has many services subscribed, and no one ever pays a lot of attention to it because it is going on for a lot of time. You may have subscription services like meal deliveries, magazine deliveries, clothes deliveries, online streaming services, and a lot more.

Do you ever realize that which ones are really essential? Cut off the subscriptions that are not required. This is indeed the fastest way to save money in 2021.   

35.   Cancel your gym membership

COVID lockdown also has its owns pros and cons. In a lockdown, people did everything at home as they had no option. But when the lockdown was lifted, people became comfortable with doing some activities at home only.

A very major change was seen in the fitness freak people. They did the entire gym workout at home and were feeling really good about it. Gym memberships are very expensive, so at-home workouts became our best friend.

Maintain your fitness by working out at home from online videos and save a good amount of money.

36.   Meatless days are essential to save money in 2021

Okay, I might sound strange to you, but try and eliminate meat from your meals as much as you can. No, I am not telling you to turn vegan or vegetarian. All I am saying you can have some days when you don’t eat meat.

Meat is really expensive to eat every day. So lower your meat intake to twice or thrice a week. Trust me; it will help you save money in 2021 with all the increasing prices of commodities. Just try to follow this once and look at how much you save.

37.   Have a storage unit? Do you really need it?

Some so many people have their storage units and give rent for that every month. Do you also have one? Do you use it to keep something, or is it just there empty? Are you paying every month for an empty room? If your answer is yes, then just go and get rid of it.

Why waste money on a storage unit that you don’t even use and are not going to use in the near future. Think upon this one, and then you know what to do. I know I know you didn’t think about it, but which is why I am here! 

38.   Start reading some finance books for yourself

To understand proper ways to saving money in 2021, start reading some really good financial books. These financial books will guide you on how to plan a proper budget for you and your family. You will understand where you can spend and where you cannot.

As parents, you need to have a proper financial plan for your family’s future. Soon your children will grow up, and there will be a number of expenses that you need to do. Parenting has become complicated than ever post-COVID, so you need to have the proper knowledge.  

39.   Start doing online survey to save money in 2021

Nowadays, there are so many easy money tips for 2021. One of them is doing online surveys. There are companies online that literally pay you for filling out surveys. Filling out surveys won’t make you rich, but it will make you earn extra money by doing less work.

You can straight away put it into your savings. Even if you are a parent, you can easily fill out surveys to help your family. It would take hardly a half-hour of your day.      

40.   While traveling, rent an Airbnb

Whenever you are traveling abroad, try and rent a property from Airbnb. It is a cheaper option than renting from a hotel. Hotels are usually expensive than Airbnb.

They provide you with discounts and coupons when you rent a home from Airbnb, which you can use for your next travel. They have services almost all over the world. It is comparatively cost saving as they provide you with a kitchen, so you can cook instead of eating out every day.   

41.   Save money in 2021 by traveling at the right time

Whenever you are thinking of traveling abroad with your family, flights cost a lot. I am going to share some epic tips to save money in 2021. You must always book tickets before 6 months of your travel. Book your tickets on working days rather than weekends.

The rates of the flights are higher on the weekends than on weekdays. Keep checking the rates and book when the prices fall. If you are going to any tourist destinations, visit in midseason or offseason.

It is comparatively cost saving. Stay in an Airbnb, as I told you above. Eat where the locals eat instead of going to fancy hotels. 

42.  Change the bad habit of gambling

Gambling is a terrible habit whether you win or lose. Gambling can never be considered a source of income. If you are a person with a family, the money you spend on gambling must be utilized to save money in 2021.

43.    Create an emergency fund for your family

Not everyone has an emergency fund, and let me tell you this, most people don’t even think of having one. But I suggest you should have an emergency fund because you never know when you need it. With your savings, you should also make an emergency fund that can be used exclusively in emergencies.

44.   There is nothing wrong with buying second-hand items

If you are on a budget and require some goods, then you can even buy second-hand items. There are so many companies that sell second-hand items that are of outstanding quality.

These companies examine the items thoroughly before selling them to you. If you get lucky, some second-hand items are as good as new or significantly less used. It is a really great option for saving money in 2021.

45.   Reduce the size of your house

If you live in a big house, then you may have equivalent expenses. If you have a big family, then it is understandable to live in a big house, but small apartments are a great option if you only live with your partner.

I know big houses are fun, but you must go for small houses when you are on a budget. COVID has made so many people move from big to small houses due to its expenses.  

46.   Don’t live your life according to other people (best saving tips for 2021)

This social media and society have created some standards, and some people force themselves to reach them. You don’t need to live your own life according to someone else.

You do not have to get that expensive phone just because your friend got one. There are so many such things that you can avoid if you don’t pay attention to what people are buying. Save money in 2021 by living your life on your own terms.  

47.   Set your saving goals

It is essential to set some saving goals in 2021. By keeping some goals, you will be encouraged to achieve them by all means. Goals are very important to even lead a proper lifestyle.

If you set saving goals, you will know how much you have to save and till what age you will have to save. It will also give you an idea about until what age you will need to save.

48.   Use a bike to save money in 2021

There are so many people that use bikes to get to work or even to run errands. Riding a bike will save a lot of your money and also keep your health in place.

Your gas expense will reduce, and your workout is done by riding the bike, so no need for any gym membership. Additionally, bikes are eco-friendly and don’t harm the environment. Saving money and saving the environment altogether. Sounds nice! 

49.   Open yourself a retirement account and stick to it

If you want to save for a longer time, start a retirement account that will save your money until you retire. Financial experts advise opening a retirement to have a peaceful retirement.

You just need to save some money from your salary and put that money in a separate retirement account. This is one of the best tips to save money in 2021.

50.   Plan the daily meals depending on what is available at home

If you plan your meals daily, then there will be a lot of savings. If you decide to make something that is not available, then the material that is already at home will go to waste. Wastage of food equals to wastage of money. One of the best saving ideas of 2021 is to make meals from the materials that are already at home.


You need real skills to save money in 2021. Saving money is not just a cakewalk; you need proper dedication and encouragement to save money. As we all suffer from the effects of COVID lockdown, we all have realized how important it is to save. Parenting is also not easy in the current circumstances.

If you would like to read more about positive ways to start year 2021, then check out this write-up.

I am sure these money saving tips 2021 will help you to get your life in order. Happy Saving! 

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