Why Shouting At Kids Is Not Good?

Why Shouting At Kids Is Not Good?

Kids are sometimes very naughty and do not listen to their parents at times. This makes the parents very angry, and in response they start shouting at kids. But this is not the correct way. The kids are very sensitive, and even when you shout at them once, it affects them a lot.

Shouting or yelling is never the correct manner of teaching your kids discipline. You think that they might listen because of your anger, but it has a very bad influence on kids in a longer period. A lot of parents have complaints that their kids don’t listen, but if you yell at them all time, how will they take you seriously.

You need to be very patient and calm for the proper development and growth of your child mentally as well as physically.

Reasons Behind Parents Shouting At Kids

Parents can get frustrated quickly when their kids do not listen to them. So parents shout at kids in order to make them understand. Some general reasons for parents shouting at the kids are:

Low Confidence

Sometimes parents think that they won’t be able to tackle their kids, so they shout at them. They believe that if they shout, the kids will obey them.

Protection of Kids

Parents are very protective of their kids and want to save them from any danger. The naughty kids that play around anywhere and make lots of mischiefs get scolded a lot. Parents want to take care of their kids, but they don’t listen because, in the end, they are kids only. Kids do not understand danger or risk, so parents have to shout at them.

Parents Have Been Shouted At In Their Childhood

Some parents believe that it is the correct way of making the child disciplined because they have been yelled at in their childhood. For them, shouting at their kids is very normal. They do not consider shouting as harmful parenting.

Not Understanding the Kid’s Mind

There are also some parents that think that their kid understands everything. They believe that kids also have the same understanding as them. The kids do not understand social behavior, and when they do something wrong, the parents shout at them.

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Effects of Shouting at Kids

Shouting at Kids Can Make the Behavioral Problems Worse

Some kids have behavioral problems, and shouting can make those problems even worse. So you think that kids are behaving properly because of shouting. But in a longer period, the kids can have adverse effects from the shouting. A time will come when your shouting will make no difference in them.   

Shouting Effects the Brain Development

The brains of the child are still developing, and yelling can slow the growth of brains. Shouting can make the kids afraid and scared. Thus, their brain development is affected.

Shouting Can Lead To Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are seen a lot in kids nowadays. Sometimes depression is a result of continuous yelling by parents, even for the smallest things. The hurt they feel because of shouting leads to anxiety.

Shouting Can Affect Physical Health of the Kid

Parents shouting at kids for minor things can make the kids stressed. This stress acts as a hindrance to the child’s physical growth. Parents are not aware of these impacts of shouting.

Self Confidence of the Kids Becomes Low

Being shouted at continuously by parents can make the kids feel very low. They might think that they are not good enough. This results in low self-confidence. And when they grow up, they experience a lot of problems while mixing with other people.

Shouting Can Lead to Aggressive Kids

Aggression is not good for any age. If you keep shouting at your kids, there are chances that they can become aggressive. And this is not at all good for them as slowly it can become their personality. Always remember that kids get influenced a lot by their parents.  

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