Work and Family during COVID 19 – The Constant Juggle

Work and Family during COVID 19 – The Constant Juggle

While this corona virus pandemic is going on, many parents are working from home as well as taking care of their children. The parents are literally juggling between work and family during COVID 19.

The parents have to manage playtime, home school, meals, laundry, etc and office work on the other side at the same time. 

This situation can create a lot of chaos in our lives. To avoid such a mess, a new and balanced schedule can be made. This will help you to create a routine that you should get used to slowly.

You need to be flexible to enough to adapt to the new normal. The world is going to be this way for a while and we should learn to balance ourselves. We need to keep ourselves involved in our work and family simultaneously.

There is a requirement of prioritizing tasks and responsibilities in your home. All the family members must sit at once and discuss. You can make a proper schedule weekly with everyone’s point of view.

Here are some tips for the parents who are juggling between work and family during COVID 19. Let us take a look.

Coordinate A New Family Schedule

A lot of chaos is created when kids and parents both are home. The kids’ study from home and the parents have work from home. Most of the parents find it a little difficult to adjust to this situation. They can neither ignore work nor their children.

They have to juggle with laundry, cleaning, kid’s homework, their office work and what not. The parents need to make a new family schedule to coordinate work.

The parents as well as the kids may decide a new routine which can ease the tension. A weekly meeting must be kept to decide the next week’s schedule.

If you have kids in school, you have a lot of responsibilities. You need to keep a check on their studies too. Are their assignments due? Do they need help with projects or activities?

Do they need help to set up their online class? What time do they need you? These are certain questions that every parent has to face. 

Other than that, you have to do all the household chores and cooking work. If you have a partner, you can take the necessary help from them.

If you have elder children, you can assign them to some simple tasks. This way burden doesn’t come upon a single person. The work is divided and done rapidly.

work and family during COVID

Check-In the Night Before

The schedule which is already made needs to be checked the day before. By doing this, you are already prepared for the next day early.

If you have any work calls or meetings, you can plan accordingly. If the next day routine is checked it gets easy to get into work.

You should always get yourself mentally prepared for the next day. Otherwise, you may feel tired by having unexpected work, that you weren’t prepared for.

This can help you maintain the schedule and check if everything is on track.

For example, suppose you have a work call on the next day. You need a room or space for yourself to avoid any disturbance.

You can ask your family members to not disturb you while on call. This way they prepared for it early only.

If you are a single parent or don’t live with your partner, this may still be helpful to take your time during the day.

You can ask your kid to be in another space for a certain time. If you live with family members, you may give them that day’s plan and ask them to do it for you.  

If you create a proper plan and follow it, it will help to create a structure as you compete with responsibilities.   

Take Regular Breaks while juggling between work and family during COVID

This COVID has made us humans mentally unstable. We all the time have our temper high or are irritated in one or another way.

When we work all day as well as look after our family members, we just get tired physically as well as mentally at the end of the day. This affects our bodies and health a lot.

While working we should never forget to take short breaks. Just take out some spare minutes from your busy day just for yourself. Just take a 20-30 minutes break every 3 – 4 hours.

You can utilize this break time to take a small nap, read a book, walk for some time, or can meditate too. It totally depends on you how you use this.

These breaks recharge your energy. Your mind becomes fresh for rest of the day. You can make this a snack break (avoid junk food).

You can also coordinate your breaks with your partner and hang around together for some time.

The break can also be coordinated with your kids. You may play quick games, watch fun videos together and spend time. This way they also don’t feel you’re too busy. Learn more about it here.

Reset Your Expectations

No one was ready for this national emergency a.k.a. COVID. Everyone had set their goals in their life. They had planned of things they may be doing at this time of the year but couldn’t because of this pandemic. Expectations hurt a lot.

You should always be grateful for the things you could accomplish keeping away your goals. Many people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. We should feel thankful if we are working from home and running our family in this pandemic too.

We do know how to react to this national emergency. Everyone is juggling between work and family during COVID 19.

You may be struggling with stress, anxiety and depression which affect our work and family. It becomes difficult to focus and be productive like we used to before this pandemic.

Please set only realistic goals in this situation. Keep aside your expectations for now and focus on accomplishing the new goals.

The responsibility of running your family is on you. Do not push yourself and take unnecessary tension.

Keep communication with your employer and your teammates. Honest communication can help you achieve better.      

Do a Finance Check

In this COVID situation, when the income is low and you have to run the family a financial check is necessary.

It is a very crucial situation everywhere. People need to take care of their expenses too. You need to work hard in this period.

When talking about expenses, many extra expenses can be avoided. Avoid buying unnecessary things, avoid holidays, avoid going shopping if not needed, avoid expensive food are certain things that are possible.

By minimizing expenses in this crucial situation, you can have a lot of savings or we can call it emergency money.

Life is not certain now. You need to plan all your finances and check it regularly.

A planner must be made and accounts must be made of the expenses that are happening. From these accounts, unnecessary expenses must be looked over and reduced.

These savings may help you in some uninvited situations or even in a later part of life. The whole family must be included and everyone’s reviews must be taken.

If you are a single parent, you may manage your finances accordingly or even take the help of some free resources available on the internet to get a brief idea.

Try to be Inventive while juggling between work and family during COVID

When juggling between work and family during COVID 19, you need to think of different activities.

While doing a job, you need to work on your skills too. You can utilize this period to work on yourself too. At home with your family and kids, you can do many inventive things.

You can also use this time to learn new courses on the internet and brush up your skills.

To earn some extra money you can also build up an online course to offer or arrange a webinar. This way you can benefit the finances being stuck at home too.

You can take help from your teenage kids to film the videos. You just need to explain to your children what you want and they will get it.

Or you can simply go through a YouTube tutorial which may help a lot. Involving your children gives them a positive vibe from you.

You can also develop the hobbies that you may have left due to your work. In your spare time, you can try doing your hobbies and keep yourself inventive and productive.

If you have hobbies like painting or dancing, include your children in the same. They love the feeling of being included.

In the end, while juggling between work and family during COVID 19, always make the right decisions while doing anything. Do not lose your cool in this crucial situation. Take care of your beloved and most importantly yourself.

Patience is the key to surpass this pandemic. Pandemic has taken away a lot from our life but given a lot of precious moments at the same time.

I suggest you to look for a silver lining of this situation. Spend this time working hard as well as spending quality time with your family.

I wish you get through all this safely and without losing your cool!

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