Working Mothers – Work-Life Balance Tips & Advice for Moms

Working Mothers – Work-Life Balance Tips & Advice for Moms

The moms are now taking charge over everything. They have an active family life as well as work life. Working mothers are inspiring. They handle all the high-powered positions in their company while managing their mom life.

To be specified, about 70% of the American women workforce consists of working mothers. This is just so great. Working mothers got only 24 hours a day and still run everything smoothly. Now I am here to tell you some tips to keep your work-life and persona-life in balance.

Sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as we think. This makes us sad and depressed. We feel guilty of doing both the things together. To avoid these feelings, here are some tips and advice for a working mother like you.

Do Not Feel Guilty

Some working mothers have the guilt of not being with their children every now and then. They feel that they won’t be able to focus on their child’s growth. This is not the right thing to do. Always think of a brighter side.

When you as a mom work full-time, you earn the money for your family. You do this hard work for your family that is your children and your partner. You can fulfill their wishes by saving this money for their higher education purposes and giving them extra classes.

There will be good and bad days. But on those days you should not feel depressed or guilty. Always talk to your partners or go to support groups. They always make you feel good. 

Balance Doesn’t Exist for Working Mothers

Most of the people you come across being a working mother tell you to maintain the balance of your life. But I say that Balance is a myth. We are not perfectionists to have a proper balance. There will always be ebbs and flow in life.

Instead, you should always think of the responsibilities that you have as a mother, a partner and an employee. You should know your priorities very well.  There should be harmony at home as well as work.

The working women have many responsibilities towards their kids, their partners and not to forget their friends and relatives as well. You can always prioritize their responsibilities and complete them accordingly.     

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Working Mothers must Schedule Some “Me” Time

Being a working mother, you are always busy with something or the other. Sometimes it’s the kids, sometimes it is your partner and other times its work. Now between all this, you should never forget to spare time for yourself.

This ‘me’ time is very important and you should make it a compulsory thing. You need some space and some alone time to have a peaceful mind. Whatever you do in your ‘me’ time totally depends on you. If it was me, I would just get out of the office and drive by myself listening to my playlist. 

By doing this, you are recharged with energy. You cannot be an effective spouse or a parent being cranky all the time. I think you should reschedule and spare some ‘me’ time already.

Make the Mornings Easy

If you don’t want to get up in the morning and do all the things in haste, you should try my advice. I think you should always be ready for the day on the previous night. This includes very small small things that take a lot of time.

When you do the preparations for the next day on the previous night, you get time to do many other things. For example, if you keep your child’s clothes ready, make your clothes ready too. This saves a lot of time in the morning.  

You can get sometimes with your partner as they can also help in doing these tasks. Knowing that all the mundane tasks are over on time you can get breakfast with your kids instead of rushing to the office.

Stay Connected During the Day Too

While you’re at work, you don’t know what your kids are doing. In this situation, you should call your kid after they are home and ask them about their day. In this way, they also feel good that you called and asked.

This gives them a feeling of care. If you have an older child, bring some presents for them like chocolates or food when you cannot attend their events at school. Ask them to have it recorded and see them later.  This way they feel loved and don’t have negative thoughts about you not attending.

Another thing I wanted to say was that always hang your and your partner’s pictures in their room. This sometimes helps them a lot in the ways we don’t even know.  

Working Mothers Should Get Quality Child Care

When both the parents are working in the house, you have to put your children into daycare centers or hire nannies and babysitters. I suggest you ask your friends and families first for references.

Create your own criteria list and spare time to take interviews or take tours of daycare centers.

A good childcare provider should have extensive experience with kids, excellent references of previous clients, and a record to prove it.

A good daycare center should have flexible hours, a low teacher-to-student ratio, outdoor space, up-to-date licenses, and employees who have had their background check done. Putting kids into safe hands lessens our worries.

Learn more about managing your kids routine during COVID here.

Avoid Wasting Time and Distractions

You have to be disciplined in various things. While you are at home, you should avoid taking phone calls or reading emails being around family. You can do these things when kids are asleep. In the evenings, the TV watching time must be reduced to once a week and increase the time with your partner.

I suggest you to avoid multi-tasking especially when you are spending with children. By doing this they think that they have all of your attention which is what they really wish to have. Even at your workplace, do not waste time and complete the work asap. 

The casual chats with co-workers, internet surfing, long lunches and gossiping are the major distractions that should be avoided. These distractions make you less productive. Focus on work in the office and on the family at home.

Create special Family activities

It is great to nurture your family and increase the bond between everyone. This can be done by organizing various family activities. It is difficult to take out time on weekdays. I suggest you to create activities that you can accommodate in your routine.

You can have breakfasts and dinner together everyday. You can organize a movie night or game night. On the weekends, organize some picnics or outings with the family. You will get more time to spend together and have a good bond.

One thing I forgot to say is, when at a family outing always avoid checking work emails or having work calls. This may affect the mood of the kids or your partner. Always give them attention because that’s all they want from you.

I hope you working mothers are satisfied with all I had to tell you. You are doing great. Have courage and never have a dull moment. Do not stop being who you are. Thank you for reading. More Power to you.

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