Working Parents and Child Care -Top 5+ Suggestions

Working Parents and Child Care -Top 5+ Suggestions

Working parents and child care have to go now hand in hand in these times. Babies are the most beautiful and most important part of a parents’ life.

To lead this life, it has become mandatory for both the parents to work. With a new member, expenses and new responsibilities increase too.

Being working parents and child care being the major part, many things should be taken care of. The baby needs a lot of attention. There are many emotions flowing inside you, as a parent.

As you come to the end of your maternity leave, you suddenly feel an urge to resume work.

But there is also an emotional wave about not being there with the baby all the time. In such situations, you get depressed and anxious about everything. 

But there are some working parents who have taken care of this and dealt with it.

Of course, this can be frustrating but before that, make yourself ready for post-baby return to work. It is challenging but I know you can manage it amazingly with patience and persistence.

Full day working parents and child care at the same time needs planning and strategies. Here I bring you some strategies and tips to help you manage to be working parents and child care at the same time.

Find Good Child Care and Keep a Healthy Relationship with Them

While you are busy in the office, there is always a tension about the baby back at home. There should be someone at home to take of the baby. You need to make the necessary arrangements for the baby.

If you have grandparents at home, you can give them the responsibility of your baby. They are capable to do all the baby-related work. They can take the utmost care and you feel tension free too.

You can also hire a nanny, home daycare or put the baby into a daycare center. A lot of research is involved in finding yourself perfect child care. You need to do a background check before hiring. Take recommendations, and also someday drop by unannounced to check up on the baby.  

It is very important to communicate extensively with your child care. Communication can ensure your little one’s safety. You can also ask them to keep a journal to track the baby’s progress and miss nothing.

working parents and child care

Have a Backup Child Care in Place

While hiring a nanny or home daycare, you should always have a backup. When your nanny doesn’t show up, you usually have to call all the other ones. A lot of time and energy is consumed in this fuss.

A backup nanny or home daycare or a daycare center must be there noted in your contacts. In this way, you can just simply call the backup one and leave for work without worries. It is very important to do the necessary checks beforehand only.

Another option is to call a family member who can take proper care of a baby. You need a very reliable as well as a responsible person for this job.

A neighbor who is a mom can also be asked to take care of the baby for a day only if you find her trustworthy. 

Working parents and child care requires trouble free mornings

There should always be a proper schedule for the baby. Stick to the schedule to make the mornings easy. By easy, I mean you shouldn’t be confused in the morning about what to do next.

There are certain things like bathing the baby, feeding the baby, waking up the baby, etc which should be done in proper schedule.

By following a routine, you won’t be in a dilemma about forgetting anything. You can leave the house in all peace. 

Also, try doing some things the night before. It can save a lot of time in the morning which you can spend with the baby. Keep the baby’s and your clothes ready for the other day.

Prepare bottles, pack the baby’s daycare bag, prepare your partner’s things and keep in touch with the nanny. The mornings will be hassle-free.

Parenting Is Not Optional

When you are on maternity leave and your partner is working full-time, you need to take care of all the baby-related work.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t let your partner do anything. You will find difficulty in the patterns that you only made difficult when you get back to work.

First of all, you wouldn’t want to take lots of loads while you’re recovering. While being working parents and child care on the other side, it becomes more difficult when the other partner isn’t ready for the baby-related work.

Let your partner get involved in certain activities such as changing diapers, making the baby burp after breastfeeding, taking baby for a ride, etc.

So when you start your job post-maternity leave, you can ask your partner to split the work.

If you are doing laundry on weekdays, just tell your partner to do it on the weekends. This way you can spend time with the baby and complete the major household chores.

Working parents and child care demands snuggle time

The attachments between you and your baby increase by spending time with each other.

Sometimes during early morning diaper changes or midnight breastfeeding, just stay with the baby for a while. You can push your limits a little to be with your little one.

During the day at work, you do not get enough time with the baby. You just have to grab the moments to spend with the baby. This time of life won’t come back again.

I know it isn’t easy to manage to be working parents and child care both. Spending a proper time with the baby releases your stress and gives positive vibes. I want you to know that you are doing your best and do not ever feel less.

Working parents and child care – Taking care of yourself

Now this point here is what you should always remember. Never forget to take care of yourself. You work at home and it sometimes feels like a mess.

You and your partner are working your best to provide your baby the best. But this all won’t work unless you are healthy. Take some time for yourself, spend time with each other. This will create happy energy around you.

Give your nanny an off and both of you can spend the day with the baby.

This increases internal bonds and creates a good environment for the baby too. You can also sign up for some yoga and fitness classes and get back on track from the post-pregnancy health.

Communicate With Your Employer

After joining back to work, keep clear and honest communication with your employer. It proves to be beneficial to share various things. Ask the necessary questions for clarity.

You need to ask him about the policies for when the baby gets sick. Would it be allowed for you to leave the office?

Would you be allowed to have work from home? Also, ask if you need to go for doctor’s appointments when needed and make up for it in the future.

You also need to ask about the leaves you may get. Another major question is to ask about pumping at work.

Can they provide you a comfortable place to pump so you can privately pump and get a cool place like a refrigerator to store your milk? These are certain things you need to know about the office. 

Learn How to Say No

This is the most precious time to spend with the baby. You should spend your maximum time with the baby. When your friends or relatives pressurize you to hang out with them, learn to say no.

Parenting is all about giving time to your baby so do it wisely. Be picky about the events you choose to attend.

Avoid attending unnecessary outings and spend that time with your partner and the baby. Turning your friends down once won’t affect your social life.

When you are working parents and child care is your utmost priority, you should provide your baby all the time you got.

There is nothing wrong to outsource your work sometimes. You can hire a maid someday to carry out some household chores like laundry, cleaning, etc.

Plan for Emergencies

Sometimes unexpected emergencies can arise with the baby. It’s better to plan for it rather than fighting later. Who will take responsibility for the kid? Who will stay with the baby in sickness?

You need to plan before the baby. A discussion must be done about who can leave the work immediately in case of an emergency. Generally, moms take these responsibilities as fathers cannot leave work easily. This shouldn’t be the case.

There should be equality between both the parents. No parent should feel that only they are doing the work. It’s easy to imagine equality but you should also practice the same. Working parents and child care demand equality between parents.

These were the few strategies or advice that you could look for being working parents and child care being your priority.

I hope this can help you lead your life smoothly. When you are working parents and child care is what you focus on, do not lose your cool and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.

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